With Episode Four, ‘WeCrashed’ Finds Its Footing (RECAP)

Episode 4 of WeCrashed picks up in 2016 with WeWork losing over a million dollars a day and Adam Neumann (Jared Leto) in the midst of a bizarro photoshoot involving him pounding on plexiglass while screaming. The episode takes a look at the investors of the company and their disappointment in how Adam is handling the business; that is, he’s so reckless that WeWork can’t turn a profit. When employees threaten to quit, Adam convinces them to stay by offering to double their salary. When he forces them to come into a meeting on a Saturday night, Adam makes up for it with drinks and sushi boats.

The worst part of it all? It works.

WeWork’s employees give in. They start spending just as recklessly as their fearless leader, offering clients to double the length of their lease and bidding over asking price per square foot for a location. They even wine and dine clients as extravagantly as their bosses do them. It seems no one is immune to Neumann’s charm.

Meanwhile, Rebekah Neumann (Anne Hathaway) has essentially been reduced to a single mother for their gaggle of children. Adam’s choice of work over his family leaves Rebekah to fend for herself – with the help of a nanny, of course. And it’s not just ditching family dinners for impromptu meetings: Adam also abandons his doting wife when they’re meant to attend a costume party at their daughter’s school. But he does then let Rebekah know that he’ll be attending a conference in India for several days.

So Rebekah finds solace in a newfound friendship with Elishia Kennedy (America Ferrera), another mother at the private school their kids attend. Elishia, divorced from a man just like Adam, is the friend Rebekah’s needed – someone who can commiserate when it comes to spouses too dedicated to their work. There’s a charm to the way Hathaway and Fererra bounce off of one another, giving the audience the feeling that an authentic friendship is forming on screen.

America Ferrera as Elishia Kennedy with Hathway as Rebekah Neumann. (COURTESY: APPLETV+)

Its fourth episode shows WeCrashed finally starting to balance telling its stories from both its leads’ point of view. It gives us the story of Adam’s upbringing and how he came to New York to establish himself, necessary information that WeCrashed‘s first three episodes sadly lacked. When he realizes that he’ll need a plus one for the conference in India, Adam, instead of asking Rebekah to accompany him, asks his father (Sasson Gabay) to join. This is a questionable decision at first, since their relationship is clearly strained; earlier in the episode, Rebekah had had to force Adam to speak to his father over FaceTime. It turns out Adam only wanted his father in the audience to use as a prop while he gave a talk about the unfair burden of responsibility thrust upon him prematurely by having to help his mother pay rent after his parents’ divorce.WeCrashed uses Adam’s manipulation to portray how low he’s is willing to stoop in order to win over investors – and, while Adam is successful in wrangling in a new investor onboard (or so he thinks), it’s still not enough, as the company’s losses double.

Leto as Neumann with Kim Eui-sung as Masayoshi Son. (COURTESY: APPLETV+)

After that investor backs out, a desperate Adam tries to recruit Elishia when Rebekah brings her by the office to show her the company. Surprisingly, Elishia considers his offer. In the meantime, Adam decides to cut back on expenses by firing seven percent of the company’s staff – and then decides to spend thousands of dollars to have RUN DMC perform for the staff as a “morale booster.” Elishia, on the other hand, accepts Adam’s offer to join WeWork, much to Rebekah’s disdain. Not long after, Adam’s original investor, Masa (Kim Eui-sung) reaches back out, giving Adam not one but two new cash flows into the company.

And when Masa funnels a whopping $4.4 billion into the company, it seems like everything’s coming up Adam. But we know that the moment everything will come crashing down is nigh. Hopefully, WeCrashed can deliver the climax in a way that fully pays off.

Rating: 6.5/10

Dir: John Requa, Glenn Ficcara

Prod: Lee Eisenberg, Drew Crevello Anne Hathaway, Jared Leto

Cast: Jared Leto, Anne Hathaway, Kyle Marvin

Release Date: 2022

Available on: Apple TV+

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