‘WeCrashed’ Leans Into The Crazy (RECAP)

Episode 5 of WeCrashed starts with the reveal that while WeWork is a billion-dollar company, Adam (Jared Leto) only has $43,000 in his bank account. However, that doesn’t stop him from trying to open a credit line worth fifty million, and in typical Adam fashion, as the series has shown us thus far, not only does it work but his status as a UHNWI – ultra-high net worth individual – ends up getting him a credit line worth a hundred million.

This episode shows us how WeWork is starting to expand throughout the world with new locations in Shanghai, Paris, and Warsaw, as well as how each location comes with its own problems. The Shanghai location builds a staircase leading to nowhere. In Paris, the toilets are purely decorative as they can’t be connected to any pipes. And in Warsaw? They’re plagued with a mouse infestation. But none of that deters Adam, problem-solver extraordinaire, his most bizarre ‘solution’ being that they build a ball pit for employees to jump into from the staircase that leads to nowhere.

It’s no wonder that WeWork folds when it does as Adam continues his reckless spending. With his new credit line, he and Rebekah purchase a house worth fifteen million dollars. He house hunts for his father, not wanting to spend more than five million there. He buys a giant gong for the office. The only logical purchase he makes? A private jet for the company.

Kyle Marvin as Miguel and Jared Leto as Adam. (COURTESY: APPLETV+)

Furthermore, he also shows a blatant disregard for meetings with other companies, when in the middle of one with the owners of five other shared space companies, he mindlessly scrolls through his phone. Jamie Hodari (Jordan Bridges), of Industrious asks if they’re boring him, and Adam replies with a staunch “Yes, actually, but please continue”, as though the collective in the room does not own more of the co-working space business than he does. It’s clear that Adam has no actual interest in cooperating with any of the other owners to work in the best interest of their customers.

Rebekah (Anne Hathaway) on the other hand, begins to realize that no matter how much she thinks she’s part of the company’s success by being a doting, supportive wife, she has no actual impact whatsoever. In a stirring scene, Adam is made one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People and he brings Rebekah to the event with him. However, she is quickly shooed away from the press line and into a holding area dedicated to the honoree’s significant others. This is the moment where her lack of power truly hits her and the way the realization dawns on her is so exquisitely portrayed by Hathaway’s expression. Taking matters into her own hands, Rebekah decides to start going into the office where she takes another blow to the ego – it turns out that her office is used as a spare conference room when she’s not there, and to make things worse when she walks in during the middle of a meeting, they ask her to wait for it to end. Her response? To fire the man who told her to wait, claiming that he has “bad energy”, and to make matters worse, he’s not the only person she fires for this ‘offense’.

Anne Hathaway as Rebekah and America Ferrera as Elishia. (COURTESY: APPLETV+)

Rebekah’s antics catch Elishia’s (America Ferrera) attention, who has now settled into working for the company. The two go out for drinks and Elishia gushes about how supportive Adam has been of her and how the two of them are doing a shoot for Vanity Fair. The jealousy in Rebekah’s reaction is evident, so much so that it prompts Elisha to ask if she’s mad at her. It is a moment that reminds viewers that before Elishia was a part of the company, she was Rebekah’s only friend. Rebekah finally reveals her true feelings – that she feels invisible and inconsequential, that she’s just standing off to the side watching as things go on around her. Her friend sympathizes with her and offers to connect her with, surprisingly – a branding consultant to help her establish how she wants to be seen because she deserves to be seen in the way she wants to be seen. When she meets with the branding consultant, he lays it out straight for her; if she wants to be seen she has to be a maverick like her husband, not just his muse.

Meanwhile, Adam is trying to win back the approval of Masa (Kim Eui-Sung) one of their investors. Masa asks him who would win in a fight, the smart guy or the crazy guy, and Adam answers the crazy guy, pleasing their investor. Adam understands that to mean that he should be the ‘crazy guy’ in the company and he starts to make architectural decisions without Miguel, though he has no idea how architecture works himself. He also notes that his beloved wife isn’t feeling herself, prompting her to reveal to him that she fears for the soul of the company. How does he protect it? By leaning even further into the crazy, threatening to destroy Industrious and destroying Jamie’s soul in the process. Leto’s crazy eyes in the scene really do sell the meaning behind Adam’s words, making it very jarring to watch. It turns out Adam’s plan to continue pleasing Masa is to take out the competition and take over the co-working market.

Taking a page out of her husband’s book of crazy, Rebekah fires Elishia in what she believes is an attempt to safeguard the soul of the company. Elishia’s response? Tearing Rebekah a new one, letting her know that she’s small and outshined by her husband because she has no light of her own. But that doesn’t matter to Rebekah as she gets to take over Elishia’s position, and her Vanity Fair shoot.

As the series nears its final act, its leads are becoming more and more unhinged and it’s looking like it’s going to be one hell of a ride to see whether it goes out with a bang or a whimper.

Rating: 6.5/10

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