‘WeCrashed’ Begins Its Downward Spiral (RECAP)

Episode 6 of WeCrashed introduces the most outlandish ideas the Nuemanns’ have ever had, expanding WeWork into other branches of business. They come up with a myriad of commodities to expand into such as banking (WeBank) and airlines (WeFly).

This doesn’t fly with the company’s board members.

While vacationing with Rebekah and their children in California, Adam receives a visit from long time investor Bruce Dunlevie (Anthony Edwards) who lays it out straight for him – the company’s board members want to take WeWork public and they don’t see him as a fit CEO for a public company because of his many eccentricities and without so much as saying so, Bruce shows that he agrees. He points out how ridiculous one of the expansion ideas sounds – WeBike – and reminds Adam as the owner of the company, he can call the shots as long as he’s in charge. It implies that at some point, perhaps in the near future, Adam will no longer hold as much power in the company.

Meanwhile, Rebekah receives a phone call from the school of one of their children, informing them that their child isn’t where she needs to be academically. This prompts them to remove her from the school even though at this point, they had already been homeschooling her for several months instead of actually having her go to school – the obvious cause of her academic failures. They go through a list of potential new schools to send her to and can’t decide on one for a myriad of reasons, but the most important reason to turn them all down is that none of the schools would “nourish” their daughter’s soul. Whatever that means.

How do they find a solution to their problem? By starting WeGrow – their own school – and lost, aimless Rebekah decides that this is her next passion project.

When Adam returns to the New York office, he’s met with Bruce again, who has brought in Cameron Lautner (O-T Fagbenle) as to help the company tighten things up a but before it can go public, much to Adam’s chagrin. Taking matters into his own hands when Cameron asks for the last ten years worth of balance sheets, Adam gives him everything, boxes upon boxes of paper, thinking it would faze him. It doesn’t, because Cameron is prepared with an entire team to help him go through everything.

O-T Fagbenle as Cameron Lautner. (COURTESY:APPLETV+)

Cameron’s findings show that Adam has invested in random companies just because he could and just because he liked them, something he’d be incapable of doing when the company goes public. Another finding? That Adam has been lying about the company being profitable, something that will surely cause a problem once the company goes public.

WeWork opens a location in Mexico, where Masa (Eui-sung Kim) meets him and they discuss the possibility of buying out the other board members, to give them a show of what crazy really looks like. How does Adam do that? By letting Rebekah continue on with her WeGrow passion project, against Cameron’s advice to not buy into any more companies. When Rebekah asks him to speak at WeGrow’s opening, he arrives late and in a bathrobe, prompting the couple to have an explosive argument that ends in Adam essentially telling her that she’s actually done nothing for the company this entire time and he has given her everything she’s wanted – confirming her worst fear of having achieved nothing on her own.

Kim Eui-sung as Masayoshi Son. (COURTESY: APPLETV+)

With Adam upping the ante of his crazy and continuing to so recklessly spend as the series begins to wind down towards its end, the episode ends with things finally hitting the fan as Masa pulls out of their deal because of Adam’s ludicrous actions.

This certainly marks the beginning of the series’ final act and it seems to be setting up a messy unraveling that will be sure to keep viewers entertained.

Rating: 7.5/10

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