Episode Four of ‘Moon Knight’ Took Such a Turn (RECAP)

Everyone except Layla (May Calamawy) is just as annoying in Moon Knight Episode 4 as they were in the last episode, but the events that take place are much more interesting. And by that I mean there’s an interpersonal mess that’s actually worth watching. Let’s get into it.

We start the Moon Knight Episode 4 right where Episode 3 left off: with Layla being a badass and Steven (Oscar Isaac) knocked out after his body was stripped of the power of Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham). They head to Ammet’s tomb now that they have the map. Oh, my God – and then Steven tries to take advantage of the fact that he’s in control and tells Layla about the deal he and Marc (also Oscar Isaac) made where Marc would disappear when Khonshu did. Never mind the fact that Steven knows he’s ill-equipped to survive everything that’s happening without Marc or Khonshu. See, the interpersonal stuff is interesting, but a lot of it is just men being stupid.

They make it to Ammet’s tomb and see that Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and his people have beaten them to it. Steven and Marc have a conversation in which Steven is an idiot because he has feelings for Layla. Which is cute and all, but this is literally life or death. When Layla almost kisses Steven, he finally confesses that part of the reason why Marc has been such a jerk to Layla is he’s trying to protect her from Khonshu. Layla rightfully tells him that she needs honesty, not protection, and then Steven kisses her and I just…I have thoughts, but this is a recap, not a review.

Moon Knight Episode 4 2
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector in Moon Knight. (COURTESY: Marvel Studios)

Next there’s some archaeologist slander and I feel like I’m in an episode of Doctor Who. Layla tells Steven about her archaeologist father who died while doing archaeologist things and I’m sure that that won’t come back into play later. As they move through the tomb, they figure out Ammet’s avatar would be her tongue, and then they get chased around and attacked by an undead priest. Layla fights and wins because of course she does, after which Harrow’s nosy behind tells her that Marc killed her dad. His job title is “Instigator” because he knows it distracts people: it’s annoying, but effective. Steven finds the actual sarcophagus of Alexander the Great (who, fun fact, might have been a woman); this was the voice of Ammet. Allegedly. Steven opens the sarcophagus and reaches down the mummy’s throat to find the little doll-thing that holds Ammet.

Layla finds Steven after this revelation and Marc comes out to talk to her about it. Layla is very angry about it. Apparently, he did NOT kill her father, but he was there. His presence, though, is what led him to Layla. He was going to tell her about what happened, but he didn’t know how because he’s an idiot boy. Harrow and his people show up and Marc tries to fight them. Harrow shoots him in the chest. And then we dive into Marc’s consciousness (I think?), and we’re shown a clip of a TV show about an Indiana Jones-type guy called Steven Grant exploring the rainforest with his assistant. It is bizarre.

Moon Knight Episode 4 1
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector in Moon Knight. (COURTESY: Marvel Studios)

It turns out this show is playing on a TV in a psych ward. Novel. Guess who’s in the psych ward? I’ll give you three seconds. Did you guess Marc? Did you guess Steven? Well, you’re half right. Everyone important is in the psych ward. Harrow is Marc’s therapist – it’s wild! Marc is obviously distressed because what in the world is going on? He remembers everything that happened before, but it’s like he’s in an alternate universe now. But that’s not even the wildest part, you guys. Marc escapes from his therapy session and starts running through all of the mostly empty halls, and then he ducks into a room with a sarcophagus that someone’s trying to break out of. It’s Steven. Marc lets him out and now there are two of them.

The two Marcs leave the room and find another room with another sarcophagus that another someone’s trying to break out of. They walk right on by that one, which is just so funny to me. Instead, they walk up to a set of double doors that open on a very large hippo woman. This is Tawaret. She says “Hi” in the cutest little voice and the men scream because they don’t understand the majesty of large women, I guess.

The twist in this episode made it so much more bearable than it would have been otherwise. I’m genuinely interested to see what happens next.

Rating: 6/10

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