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12 Things That Definitely, Totally Happen In ‘Succession’ Season 4

From the Waystar cafeteria food fight to Cousin Greg's untimely hot air balloon demise, we've got all the (totally legitimate) Succession Season 4 plot points you never knew you needed.
From swoon-worthy moments to one of this year's most shocking deaths on a plane, see what Screen Speck found most noteworthy on T.V. this year.
She’s the Shiv, who, down to the last minute, would sacrifice her brother for whatever fraction of power she could gain by staying with Tom –  even if it felt like a last-ditch effort to feel once again as important as she did underneath the approving gaze of her father. 
In Succession 1.3, "Lifeboats," family paranoia and company melodrama take center stage, Kendall and Rava give us Succession's best sex scene, and Roman gives us...something other than that.
Succession 1.1 is a near-perfect distillation of everything the Roy family gets wrong about love, trust, and faith. (And amazing dick jokes.)
It's Logan vs. Everybody, everybody! Succession's fourth season premiere sets the entire table for the massive showdown to come.
A comatose Logan (herein "Logatose,"), a frantic Kendall, and a critically inept snap decision from Tom highlight Succession's hospital episode.
Welcome one and all to Blame It On The Alcohol, a new Screen Speck feature where we list fictional characters and explain the number of shots we'd need to fuck them. It's where cinema and science combine!
Apple TV's Loot is the star vehicle we've long needed from Maya Rudolph, who is one of the few actors in the world capable of making us root for a billionaire searching for her life's purpose.
Dads are complicated. Let's just get that out of the way. They're harder to read than mothers are, mainly because many a time they communicate via vague gestures or a grunt here and there instead of words. They also happen to be the most...interesting individual in the lives of their children many times.
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