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Friendly Neighborhood Ms Marvel: Episode One (REVIEW)

A brilliant adaptation powered by Iman Vellani in a role she was born to play, Ms Marvel Episode One is our introduction to the face of the MCU's new generation.
A dizzyingly dense and beautiful episode, Ms Marvel Episode 5 might have the strongest emotional impact of the season so far.
It would be unfair to say that the showrunners bit more than they could chew, as these stories needed at least eight episodes to be able to breathe and flourish.
"Seeing Red," Ms Marvel Episode 4, is an overwhelming feast for the senses and features the best & most dazzling acting of the show so far.
Kamala's honeymoon phase is definitely over. And what she learns in Ms Marvel's third episode means her world will never be the same again.
"Crushed," Ms Marvel Episode 2, deepens and enriches every aspect of the show after an already thoroughly good pilot. MCU Phase Four has its standard-bearer.
The film masterfully blends action, comedy, martial arts, heist, and Bollywood to build a social horror story that stems from an unbreakable sisterly bond.
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